Interview 30. Noryo.

For the fourth day in a row Artisterviews have an interview to share…this is a publishing pace that will not be a new standard, just so you know. It actually just happened to be like this. I will have it like this until further notice, a spontaneous pace of it that is. At least for as long as this is an “unpaid voluntary hobby-bloging-thing” that I do for fun…(although I do have plans and dreams with it…). Well, we´ll see ´bout that. Now, this is not a text about me or this blog, this is another amazing artist that originates from the European country that reminds of a boot if you see it from space…heeeeere´s Noryo:

Artisterviewer: Hello Noryo! Please tell me (us), who are you? Where are you from? Where do you live? etc… a brief (or long if you prefer) introduction in other words. Go ahead:

Noryo: I’m a 33 years old artist. I come from Rome, Italy, and I currently live in London. I moved to the UK in 2019, after getting the master degree in Archaelogy. I enjoy drawing since I was a child. During my adolescence I used drawing to express my feelings and emotions. I am a self taught artist but in 2019 I followed a drawing course in Rome with the contemporary Italian artist Antonio Finelli to achieve more realism and refinement in my work. I have been also a make up artist for more than 10 years, probably not everybody knows this.

Artisterviewer: For how long have you been calling yourself an artist?

Noryo: It’s curious, even if I have been a make up artist for years, I started to call myself an artist only once I let myself and my feelings flow through the creation phase on paper and canvas. So, let’s say two years.

[…kind of the same for myself, about two, maybe three years…]

Artisterviewer: Do you live of your art or is it a hobby/side hustle?

Noryo: During my life I had many jobs, especially to support my studies, so I always tried to combine art and work especially during the last years. Anyway, it’s been only during the last few months that I decided to put all the energy into my art.

Artisterviewer: How has the pandemic affected you and your art bussiness…and/or perhaps the style or “theme” of your artworks as well. Your thoughts?

Noryo: Pandemic has been hard for everyone. During the uncertain times, I worked a lot on myself and this helped me to create more and more and also to find my own style. Being at home helped me to listen to myself and my deepest feelings and to find my way to bring them out on paper.

Artisterviewer: Do you have any good advice to other (unexperienced, new and/or young) artists when it comes to marketing your art and yourself as an artist?

Noryo: Marketing yourself can be hard, especially if you’re not comfortable with social media, but a good understanding of their dynamics it‘s an important part of the job. My advice is to find a good compromise between marketing and creating. Don’t be stressed by achieving an high number of followers on social media, love what you do, keep doing it, be yourself and connect with people. This is the best marketing.

[awesome advices, I agree completely. I believe this is the best way to go about it if you are planning to make it sustainable for yourself…]

Artisterviewer: Where do you prefer to find inspiration? Do you have a favourite source?

Noryo: My first source of inspiration are feelings and emotions that I feel or I have already experienced. I help myself to bring them out through music, that’s how I create my subjects’ posing. My source of inspiration for human figures is the classical and neoclassical statuary.

Artisterviewer: Do you buy art yourself sometimes or do you only create?

Noryo: I love supporting other artists and small business when I can. Especially when a specific work gets me excited.

Artisterviewer: Tea or coffe? Red or White wine? (If any) What are the beverages of your choice?

Noryo: I can’t wake up properly without coffee in the morning, but I am obsessed with tea. I love having different types of tea at home to choose on the basis of my mood or their flavour. It helps me to relax and concentrate.
About alcoholic beverage, my first choices would be red wine and beer.
Probably hanging out with friends in a pub it’s the most missed activity in this period.

[We got that in common too, haha. Coffe, can´t imagine to skip it in my morning routine. The tea, my wife collects tea I believe. Red wine and beer are also my favourites of the alcoholic choices.]

Artisterviewer: What are your favourite music right now?

Noryo: It’s difficult to say. The music I listen to is always based on my mood, and my mood changes very quickly even through the day. Having to choose I would probably go for ’30s-’70s blues and ’60s-’90s rock music.

Artisterviewer: Last but not least, where can we find your amazing art?

Noryo: You can find my works on my website and on my social media profiles (like instagram), where I usually share also the work in progress. I also have an Etsy shop where you can find prints of my artwork.
Furthermore, I am really excited that 10 of my artworks will be showed at The Brick Lane Gallery’s Works on paper group exhibition in London from the 11th to the 24th of May.

Noryo: Thank you very much for this interview, I really enjoyed doing it 😃

Artisterviewer: Thank you too Noryo, I enjoyed it likewise! Good luck with the exhibition and with all of your doings in the future!

Noryo has really got her own style, you can see examples of it if you scroll down. To see more just click on the links provided above!

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