Interview 31. Snehita Gehlot.

This is a long (and interesting, well worth the time to read it…) interview so, put on some tea or coffee, wait for it to brew and then you can take a seat in your favourite armchair or sofa. I learned a lot from this amazing artist. I had a few misconceptions about how things work in the country she resides in for example…she straightens that out for me. And she has got some very helpful (and wise) advices and viewpoints when it comes to art and being an artist.

Artisterviewer: Hello Snehita! Please introduce yourself, who are you? Where are you from and where do you live?

Snehita: Hi, first of all Thank you so much for having me here for this Artisterviews , Its really cool concept and you are really doing great work, πŸ‘you have meaningful questions to help artists express themself and their art to the world..Thanks for that..

I am Snehita Gehlot, an Indian Artist based in Dubai, I am an Enterprenure, an Artist and Visual content creator, for my Educational background I am an IT Engineer and MBA.

Artisterviewer: For how long have you been an artist?

Snehita: Art started from very early stage in my life as my mother was art instructor back then, we had so many students from all age groups coming to our place for all different mediums and techniques, I was introduced with oil paints, water colours, ceramic works, murals, and embroidery to other forms of art and crafts may be at the age of 4 years or so..
Since then I have been passionate about drawing and paintings. Has won many awards and participations back in hometown, but then  gradually due to Job and family activities I could not focus on my art very much.

Then around the end of 2019 i guess and due to Covid outbreak when we all were stuck at home for a year, only colours and canvases were my best way to use my day and my “me time”.
It was the pause in our very fast forward life to just sit at home and focus on what can make us happy , its not travelling, its not really partying or anything else.. for me it was the peaceful time at home creating my artworks, then I started publishing as an artist and sent my artworks to galleries curators,and started exhibiting them in Dubai, and India with galleries and sharing on social media..

Artisterviewer: I must admit that I was surprised when I saw your location. Maybe I’m just being prejudiced, but is it ok for you to show your hair considering your location?

Snehita: hmn.., its a very big confussion for many people about gulf or Arab countries, I would love to clear this out with your help..

I live in Dubai , United Arab Emirates, the country which is considered as one of the best places to live on this planet, yes its really the very best.. Mainly known for luxurious cars, skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa world’s tallest building, and GOLD.. 🀩
UAE is an Arab country but here its really very much like other metropolitan/ developed cities /countries , there are people from many different cultures and countries who live here and its second home for them, people here are so welcoming and supportive, and we as expats are all allowed to be very much like the way we are back in our countries.

Talking about hair, yes its very normal here, not everyone covers , its personal choice but not mandatory. Hair cover and appropreate full dress is only asked or is mandatory when you visiting mosques, which is of course we should follow as to respect the place ..

Artisterviewer: …and I also thought that all religious expressions (except one) where forbidden in all of Arabia, but there I see you showing a “hindu theme” painting of lord Shiva. What about that? Are they not so strict anymore?

Snehita: Hmn thats again not very true about being here in UAE , The Leaders and Govt. here respects all expats and their religions as their own people, and thats the beauty..
We have a Hindu Temple in Dubai, Gurudwara is there and also people are free to celebrate their religion and festivals.. We have amazing fireworks , Decorations, meet ups, and celebrations around the year in this country be it Holi, Diwali , Navratri (Indian Festivals) , Eid , Christmas or New year , its such an amazing country to be in.. I love being here
πŸ’–.. Its been 9 years now, and I have grown as a person, as family as a resident here in this country.. I can go on and on about my love and respect for this country.. hehe 😁

Artisterviewer: What are your philosophy when it comes to pricing your art?

Snehita: My artworks are all in different mediums like oil paintings , acrylic and all different sizes, I believe pricing your artwork is very subjective, depends on artists education/experience in art, exhibitions /awards also add in the value for profiles..
It may be different for new artists who starting , still I would consider few basic calculations which is like production cost (art supplies, framing if done) , size of the artwork, logistics (packaging, shipping ) , the current market, the time and efforts put in , and after seeing the final artwork , what I would be asking for will be calculated. I sometime ask the clients to feel free to tell about their budget, if someone really loves my work and is ready to appreciate it , I can consider giving to a reasonable price. As current situations are very tough. In my way art is a Luxury which can be pretty expensive as well as affordable , and as a creator its a blessing to be able to provide that luxury to people who will cherish it..

Artisterviewer: Do you have any good ideas you want to share when it comes to marketing and selling your art?

Snehita: Thats really a very good question, in todays time, there is competition in every field, same in artist world, for me the biggest and best marketing tool or idea would be
“Consistancy “
” Quality “

I mean it truly, when you genuinly make a friendship or relationship with people of your industry or same intrest, they will be your biggest supporters and promoters.. But you have to be consistent in doing your art and maintaining relationships..
Also maintaining quality of your work, everything is ok but if artwork quality is poor there is no meaning for marketing..

I believe we as an artist should be supporting each other and fixing each others crown to grow, Social medias like facebook , Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube there are soo many talented people you could learn from and join hands with,
So for me I think having a good network with genuine audience and fellow artists is the key , eventually you will be discovered, and being your own unique self will attract clients too.

For selling artworks,as artists first we need to decide the target audience, then contacting galleries, hotels, exhibitions, having stalls or vendorship may be very helpful depending on what your goal is ? your art ? and your clients ?, for in person selling your art on ground level.. I have done all of these so ,talking from my personal experience πŸ˜πŸ˜€

Artisterviewer: What is most important you’d say if you want to be a successful artist. Who you are or the art you create?

Snehita: Wow , It really depends on who is the collector or buyer and what are they looking for.

Sometimes when one has to fit some artwork as per their room interior or colour theme, they might consider any artwork which fits the purpose without even knowing who made it.. But if someone looking for an artwork for not the room but for their soul, to express who they are , what they feel, what does that subject mean to them, then may be who you are will matter..

So as we have seen all successful or well known artists in history were all different personalities, I would definitely vote for “who you are “. As an artist or as a normal person also, people will remember how you treated them, they might not remember how straight your lines were in that one artwork or painting, but they will remember how you were with them in that one meeting, or on chat, or on phone call.. then they would consider your art maybe..

People wants to know the story behind your artwork, what made you create that painting, or the journey you had, since your art is a mirror of yourself , your emotions, inspirations and imagination, so they are not buying a piece of canvas with colour on it, they are investing in something which reflects your personality on that canvas, that one idea, one emotion, one imagination or one passionate heart behind the creation.. So focus on who you are, then what you make can be anything you like..

Artisterviewer: Your sources of inspiration, please tell me some of them?

Snehita: I am a very Happy go lucky type girl who loves family, nature, travelling, photography, and get inspired by everyday life subjects.. I also own a youtube channel “I Have Been There” where I share my Travel experiences.. That also reflects that I am nature lover and explorer, since its the source of our existence..

As an artist you see what others can not, like the different shades and hues of Green and Blue when you go tracking or to the beach , I observe the beauty of light as shadows and highlights, and how the perspective changes from one angle to another..

I like bold and bright colours to express peace , happy and lovely vibes on my canvas, you will find my landscapes filled with nature, pretty colourful flowers and waterfalls, trees and mountains, which is imaginary but still I wish it to exist somewhere so that I can visit..

Also if sometimes I am in minimalist mode I will just use black white or add gold leaf to it..
Like recently I made a black and gold painting named as
“Golden Maze” just 2 colours for 1 painting..
I like to be limitless when it comes to trying new ideas and techniques.. So in my collections you will find contemporary abstract art, acrylic pouring art, conceptual art , few figuratives, animal portraits and all different mediums like oils, acrylics, ink, texture sequins, and many more..

So yes My surroundings inspire me , and my mood decides what I will paint next.. and If I like one artwork then I will continue to make series of artworks in that direction..

Artisterviewer: Tell me about a mistake you’ve made related to your artistry. (If there are any to tell)

Snehita: hmn not call it a mistake since all are happy memories, but yeah sometimes when I am not happy or satisfy with the finished painting I just repaint it or wash away the canvasπŸ™ˆ

Which is like such a cruel thing to do when you have put so much thinking , planning, paint, time and effort into it.., and then when I see pictures of the artwork I would feel little bad about ruining it 🀨

Maybe I could have just kept it aside, or may be I could have asked others opinions n all..
but then I turn and see the new piece I made I feel soo good that I did repaint it heheh.
.😁😁  That last one was not up to the mark or may be If I dont like it how can I expect others to like it.. something like that , but its just the part of the process.. We artists judge ourselves too much , and sometimes we are too hard on ourself..but its ok, thats how we grow..

Artisterviewer: ….and opposite. Your greatest success in the “artworld”?

Snehita: I appreciate every single compliment as an achievement , Now that I look back there are many , But to be specific there are few highlights I would like to share..

As an artist , one of the achievements is always to meet your inspirations and people that you look upto, since I started art here in Dubai I was very fond of one very respected and senior female Arabic artist, and fashion designer Sultana Kazim mam, she is also representative and Co Ordinator for the Museum of America’s for the UAE, In an online exhibition I was explaining my artwork which I made on UAE’s Joirney, she was present as chief guest and she happen to feel soo connected with that painting, as it was her life story, she praised me and appreciated my concept, that was one biggest achievement , and now guess what , she is the new owner of that painting titled ” UAE Journey ” , I mean Its really an honour that she is one of my artwork collector/owners now. πŸ€—πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Another success moment is that one of my artwork ” Golden Heart ” is now selected to be part of a museum in South Korea for the theme “Peace Again ” and I am so grateful for the support and guidance from my mentors and museum team..

I have also been part of the official attempt for
” Guinness World Records ” , organized by IARF & RADART Foundation ( India )

I have been in team and Donated one of my artwork ” Rainbow Swirl” for Auction to raise support for AUTISM awareness.

Also to mention some big exhibitions like
World Art Dubai , I exhibited 8 of my artworks here, Its the biggest art fair here in this region. Where 250 artists from 70 different countries have participated, which is like a dream for many artists to add in the list..
Also been invited for some international art exhibitions by the Curators , from New york, Barcelona, Singapore, will share more when time comes..

I have participated in international Art Expo , which was exclusively for 150 Women artists all around the world, and I was awarded with “Progressive Painter Award ” by the team.. My 4 artworks were exhibited in this Art Expo.

I have been part of around 15 plus international and local exhibitions and have been invited for live art during events.. you can find all of them and more information and behind the scenes of art creations on my Instagram page.

Last but not the least I have really been blessed with amazing family and artists/clients /curator/editor/ friends who are rooting for me and supporting me every day, they are my biggest achievements..

Artisterviewer: Where can we find your amazing art?

Snehita: My Art is just a message away.. πŸ₯°

Email :

My website :

Or if like to use social media they can contact from πŸ‘‡

Instagram : snehiartdubai

facebook :

Facebook Page :

Youtube : I Have Been There
Art channel : Snehi Art – Youtube.

I would Like to thank you for inviting me here and giving me opportunities to express my world to everyone… Wish you good luck for the future πŸ‘

Artisterviewer: Thank you very much Snehita, It was really, really interesting to read your elaborate answers. I think not only I have learned a lot by just reading your storys…I wish you all the best too and good luck, health and prosperity!

Below are a few examples of Snehitas beautiful artworks:

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