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I also got a personal blog where I write about “this and that”, sometimes it is about my artpieces, sometimes it´s a political issue (although I try to avoid it…but it´s hard with so much thinking, I am an “overthinker” I believe). Well, I write whatever the f**k I want there. Sometimes it´s in english and sometimes it´s in Swedish. It is my page. Maybe a bit muddled and puzzling sometimes… see for yourself:

My art gallery is for the moment on, to view it….heeeeere´s the link: Carl-Emil Boëthius

My instagram: C.E.B Weckla

My Facebook group: C.E.B Weckla

And…if you are one of the lucky few who have gotten the chance of being a part of this webzine, then you will get an invitation to an exclusive facebook group. I can not reveal the name of it here…It´s a secret.

A portrait of me, taken by myself (selfie), holding one of the artefacts that I create, a Thorshammer (a.k.a “mjolnir”).