Interview 29. Abuchi Philip Iroegbu.

This guy I found in the facebook group named “Artists helping artists (exchange help & promote your art)” by Seehund Art. I posted a request looking for interest in participating in an interview and the respons was awesome. I got almost 70 comments with artists wanting to be featured. I will certainly go back to that post´s comments and find more interviewees…

Now I will not delay it any more. Lets see who this Abuchi is…

Artisterviewer: Hello! Please tell me, who are you? (age? where from? Where do you live now? Occupation? Family?…etc).

Abuchi: I am Abuchi Iroegbu. I’m 22 years old Artist working in the genre of art emotional realism. I’m currently a student of University of Nigeria Nsukka, studying Public Administration.

Artisterviewer: When did you start drawing?

Abuchi: I started drawing at a very tender age of 6. Then I drew on the sandy ground with stick.

Artisterviewer: Are you selftaught or have you studied art in higher education?

Abuchi: I’m self taught.

Artisterviewer: Do you only use charcoal and/or pencils or have you some other teqnicues/tools as well?

Abuchi: I use both charcoal and graphite pencils to bring my work to life.

Artisterviewer: I know very little or nothing about the artscene in your country. Can you perhaps tell me/us, is there a big interest in art in Nigeria you think?

Abuchi: Yes, currently there is a big interest in art, every day you will see amazing talented artists coming up with their creative vibes that inspires. More especially in the genre of art called hyper realism. The likes of Stanley Arinze, Ken Nwadiogbu, Oscar Ukonu, Joy Chiamuowa, Mayor Peter Oladeji (mayorz art), Israel Fatola, etc. Comes to mind. Having this Artists spur the upcoming emerging artists to continuously work hard in Nigeria.

Artisterviewer: What have been your biggest success when it comes to art? (Or alternatively, the best decision you have taken as an artist).

Abuchi: My biggest success as an Artist was my first debut exhibition in Ukraine Dec 2020/ Feb 2021. And the best decision I have taken is to start using pencils as my medium in 2015 after seeing the works of Kelvin Okafor pencils’ drawings.

Artisterviewer:…and the worst mistake? (If any).

Abuchi: There is none.

Artisterviewer: Your best advice to new/young and/or unexperienced creators who have big amitions and dreams?

Abuchi: Start and keep creating (non stop).

Artisterviewer: If you where me, what would be a good question to ask you? (Please answer the question too).

Abuchi: I will love to be asked what inspires my creativity? The inspiration for my creative vibes comes from the society. I love to use my work as a form of Art Activism. Speaking on issues that affects us positively or negatively.

Artisterviewer: Where can one find your amazing artwork?

Abuchi: You can kindly find my works on abuchiiroegbu_art
and on as abuchi_iroegbu

Artisterviewer: Thank you Abuchi! It was interesting to know some about you and your amazing artwork. I wish you all the best and good luck with everything!

Below are a few example of Abuchi´s stunningly beautiful creations.

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