Interview 33. Angela Ortenzi-MacColl.

This artist has really found herself a very special, unique and interesting style…in my opinion. Also I can tell from having read her answers she seem to be a very humble person. I don´t remember who said “do what you love to do and you will never work another day” but that quote came to my mind when I read this interview. That is something we all strive for isn´t it? Angela has taken herself to that enviable place I believe…and she deserves it!

Artisterviewer: Hello Angela, who are you ? Please introduce yourself;

Angela: Hi, I’m Angela Ortenzi-MacColl, a Scottish artist who returned to art many years after graduating with a BA hons degree in Sculpture.

Artisterviewer: What kind of art are you creating? Tecnique(s?) and style/styles…

Angela: My work is mixed medium, mostly collage and biro pens. I also used gouache acrylics and pencils in my portraiture.
My work is highly decorative intricate with flowing lines and mostly figurative. My USP I believe, is patterns within patterns!
😆 the viewer, I hope, is drawn to look closer and discover things they may have missed at first glance!
I had originally intended stringing textile design at art school. Those early interests feature heavily in the style of my work today!

Artisterviewer: When (and how and why perhaps) did you start with this?

Angela: I discovered my ‘style’ quite by accident as I had bought some patterned paper for a memory book I was creating for my daughters 18th Birthday. There were some left over, I began to doodle and my line drawing/decorative style developed from there. That was just over 2 years ago. I’ve been a full time artist since April last year!

Artisterviewer: How’s the “bussiness side” of it going?

Angela: I’ve been extremely fortunate in the response to my work in my first year. As a technophobe who has only been on social media since March last year I’ve grown quite a following and have had consistently sold and had commission work through my fb page and word of mouth.
I will say that I was woefully unprepared for the amount of self promotion needed to gain and keep interest. I consider myself early days on the business side but have learned that I must dedicate time to it…even if only learning how I SHOULD be promoting!
I find the self discipline of this hard and would much rather comfort myself in the work itself!
😂 self promotion and learning the business side is luckily the only times it feels like a job!

Artisterviewer: Do you have any good advice for artists who wants to take their artbussiness to “the next level”?

Angela: Very little I’m afraid as in early stages myself I feel. I will share advice I got from a gallery manager recently:
Learn the history of the gallery before approaching, the type of work they show and WHY you choose that gallery. Also remember the galleries wouldn’t exist without great work and artists. They need you just as much as you need them. With that in mind you should be confident (not cocky) when approaching them!) Also follow work you find inspiring and/or similar to your own. Dont be shy to ask these artists advice!

Artisterviewer: Where do you find your inspiration? (off course you can name several sources if you’d like to).

Angela: My inspiration is I guess, a ‘visual diary’ of my memories, loves, pains and characteristics . There’s often a little quirkiness or humour in there too. Titles are an important part of the story telling for me. More often than not I have a title in mind before I even sketch.
I’m not, nor ever have been, one to seek artistic inspiration. I have been blessed (and cursed
🤣) with an overactive imagination) great for ideas. Not so much for choosing which ideas to focus on and in which order. I write all ideas down, which helps somewhat!
Having said that my fave artist is Gustav Klimt and no doubt that’s visible in the decorative nature Iof my art.

Artisterviewer: What excites you? And what interests do you have other than creating your beautiful artworks?

Angela: In art, I get excited by being surprised! I love delicate line work and subtle watercolours. I and my work are neither delicate or subtle and perhaps I’m drawn the the opposite of me!
Outwith art I have a healthy/unhealthy? interest in dark world history, true crime and the human condition. I’m fascinated by how delicate, resilient and maliable the human mind is. I read true crime to fall asleep!

Artisterviewer: If I asked you to come up with a question for yourself….what would that question be? Please ansewer it as well.

Angela: Q. Do you regret waiting so long before returning to art?
A. I chose this as I am asked this often by friends/past colleagues who seem to struggle with my many years of ‘wasted’ talent.
The answer is no. I believe that it happend for me when I was emotionally ready to receive it. When I believed in myself just enough to know to try. If I regret anything it’s the reasons I didn’t just go for it (in short worry/financial fear) but even then, I learned a lot and learning is never wasted time IMO.

Artisterviewer: Now, if you’d like to you can ask me something.

Angela: Do you have any advice for me going forward?

Artisterviewer: Oh, wow, didn´t see that coming… 🤣…well, first I must say I feel flattered to get this question. But, honestly, I believe it´s the other way around. I have more to learn from you about how to be an artist and how to run a bussiness. I have not come as far as you have with my own “artbussiness”, it´s not even a bussiness yet. So only advice would be “keep doing what you already do” kind of…and “trust yourself, you already know what you need to know”. If you need someone to push you further I would advice that you listen to Jim Rohn, there´s a lot of material on youtube. Great speaker on personal development and motivation. Love him!

Artisterviewer: Where can we find Angela Ortenzi’s amazing artwork?


Also soon to be in two small Scottish galleries…YAY!😁🙏

Artisterviewer: Now, maybe I can give a good advice…it suddenly struck me that you dont have a “page”, a site other than facebook and Insta….on the other hand you seem to get along just fine without it.

Good luck to you Angela and thank you very much for this interesting interview!

Below are a few examples of Angelas amazingly beautful artworks, I just love ´em!

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