Interview 28. Edwardo Rodriguez.

This amazingly skilled artist caught my attention mainly because of his motives. Ever since I was a little kid I have felt kinship and have an interest in the native tribes of North America. I always stood on the “indians” side when I watched Western movies (wich was a big deal when I grew up) and when we kids played “cowboys and indians” I always wanted to be an “indian”. Still today I have this thing, these feelings of kinship and some strange belonging feeling. If we do reincarnate I am quite sure that I have lived on the plains or prairie in Nort America in one or more of my reincarnations.

[About the word “indian”, I personally don´t see anything bad or wrong about it. To me it´s a name of a people with a proud and great history and rich culture. But I usually don´t use it because I know some people think it´s bad. Where I live, in Sweden, the name has not any bad connotation though. And people know the difference, our word is not exactly the same for people from the country India and this word for American native people. Just wanted to explain.]

Artisterviewer: Hello Edwardo, can you please tell me, who are you?

Domingo: Ok, you got me! Edwardo is actually my middle name. Domingo is my first and that is why I sign my art as Dmngo.

Artisterviewer: For how long have you been painting?

Domingo: I have been painting around 30 years.

Artisterviewer: What are your biggest source of inspiration?

Domingo: Cultural awareness i.e. we are still here and refuse to be invisible.

Artisterviewer: Do you have any “commercial plans” or “entrepreneurial ideas” with your creativity or is it just a recreational hobby?

Domingo: -Yes! Lots of plans are in the works and, no, this is not a hobby for me.

Artisterviewer: Now, a deep question unrelated to art. Do you think that our forefathers spirits are present and that they can help us out in our lives?

Domingo: Our ancestor’s spirits are everywhere and in everything. It is up to each of us, individually, to acknowledge and honor them.

Artisterviewer: Have you had any deep, spiritual experience or something like that? Please tell me about it (if you want to).

Domingo: I found that spiritual journeys always lead back to the self.

Artisterviewer: …ok, now, back to “normal questions”🤣….if you could meet a person, anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Domingo: Funny question. I really cannot think of anyone I want to meet. Things happen in ways that maybe, just maybe, we not understand. We meet others when it is time to do so.

Artisterviewer: Please ask yourself a question, make it an interesting one…and answer it to, go ahead;

Domingo: Why do people want so much they sacrifice their inner self fulfillment in their journey to get it? If the self is satiated first, the materialism will then resolve itself.

Artisterviewer: Now, if you want to you may ask me something. Anything.😁

Domingo: Why me? I am sure there are brothers and sisters of greater interest to interview, so, why me?

Artisterviewer: My answer to that is simply put that I really like your art…and as I mentioned before I have always felt some kind of connection with the indigenous tribes of North America. Of course there are a lot of artists out there, and I mean a lot, I am beginning to understand that doing what I do. Sometimes I find people because they seem interesting, it´s not always just their pieces that gets my attention. It can be anything I find in their art, something else about them, sometimes it´s their location that I´m interested in to start with. Sometimes the chance take a big role also I guess.

Domingo: Now as for trying to find my artworks, that is a difficult question. I keep trying to build a portfolio. Problem is, someone always wants to buy the finished pieces. Over the years, I have painted possibly thousands of pieces. Most were sold, some given away but I don’t have inventory. Lately, I have started utilizing social media a little and when I post pictures of completed pieces someone will contact me to purchase. My friend and brother, that is a great problem to have as an artist since so many struggle to make a sale.

Thank you too my friend and brother, it was interesting to read your answers. I wish you all the best and good luck with all of your plans and your dreams.

Below are some of the artworks that Domingo has published on instagram. To see more the link is right here: Dmngo´s Arte.

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