Interview 26. Matthew Robertson.

This artist (as so many of my other interviewees) I “discovered” in one of the many facebook artist groups that I´m a member of, but I don´t recall exactly what the name was of this particular group…well, thats not important. I really enjoy his style, it´s something familiar about it. Let´s hear him out. Meet Matthew:

Me: Hello Matthew, please tell us, who are you? Make a presentation of yourself please;

Matthew: I like to paint with movement,I have been painting my whole life, my dad is a professional
Artist so I grew up in a very creative enviroment. My art style has evolved overtime I started the style I work in doing live art performances during DJ sets, this taught me to work very fast with fluid movements. These early performances took place in downtown Richmond va. During this time my work took on a very psychedelic approach. A lot of my early work was very influenced by heavy drinking which gave it its distinct swirly look, I have since taken a sober approach to my art being almost 2 years sober.

[me: I think that´s awesome man! Stay strong and stay sober!]

Me: So, for how long have you been “into the art thing” (or however one should put it…well, you know what I meant I hope)?

Matthew: As I was saying art has always been there, I feel like I have a lot of wasted time to make up for so I have been putting my all into recently.

Me: Do you make a living on this or is it on a hobby level? If so, do you have bigger plans/dreams with it?

Matthew: I have only recently made art my full time job, I plan on expanding my business in the future with websites and merchandise.

Me: Your style is very special (and very beautiful)…I get the feeling that I’ve seen paintings in a similar style elswhere. Have you been inspired to paint in this style by someone? Van Gogh perhaps?

Matthew: My style is influenced by a lot actually. I was really into Alphonse mucha and psychedelic rock posters growing up. There is also a bit of tattoo culture that inspires me along with sign painters and pin stripes.. Van Gogh is the obvious influence but I think that has to do with some of the same demons we share.

Me: If you found a lamp like Aladdin, with a genie inside and you got 3 wishes, what would they be?

Matthew: 3 wishes 1,.all my loved ones good health, 2, money for generations to not have to worry about anything. 3. I would wish that none of my sons ever have to deal W/ alcoholism again in their lifetimes.

Me: Do you have any “words of wisdom” that you’ve learned in this experience we call “life” that you feel you want to share. As deep or as shallow as you like. Serious bussiness or with humor, your choice. Go!

Matthew: I don’t have too many words of wisdom other than, don’t waste your life away, don’t wait till you are in your late 30s. to follow your dreams. Start young, have fun but get it out of your system early on. Make the best of every second you have, Cherish life.

Me: Ask yourself something interesting. (don’t forget to answer).

Matthew: who is your favorite artist of all time?

Matthew: Alphonse mucha , and NC Wyeth/Andrew Wyeth.

[me: hmmm…gotta look ´em up!]

Me: If you want to you can ask me something. (No more than fair game…😂)

Matthew: If you could own a piece of art from any artist, who would it be?

Me: Damn it…I can´t lie or be dishonest so…(and this will make me sound like a greedy-something-piece-of-something) I gotta tell you: anything that I could sell for a lot of millions😂😂😂. But, if we dont consider that. If I got to choose a painting for it´s beauty…this is hard, but perhaps something by Russian artist Mikhail Khokhlachev. I love his works!

Me: So, where can one find your amazing artwork?

Matthew: My art at the moment isn’t easy to find, I do mainly commissions, you can find me on instagram @matthew-robertson472 and @matterfolkart on facebook

Me: Thank you so much Matthew, it was a pleasure to get to know you a bit more. I wish you all the best and that all your wishes come true!

My advice to the reader, go check his accounts out! Lots of great inspirational pieces on his insta I tell you…and, there´s some pretty darn tasty looking pics of food there also, damn it made me hungry just looking at them. And as I write this my clock is past midnight….so, guess I´ll fall asleep with a drewl on my pillow.

South of the text, this text, as usual you get to see a few examples of this great artists works.

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