Interview 24. Bebhinn Eilish.

I got to give the credits for me doing this interview to Bernadette Maurice of Be Savage Art, she was the one who suggested that I´d do an interview with this artist…so, thank you “Bernie”, I can only say it was a good and interesting choice. This is what is so interesting with connections on/thru social medias, you never know to who it´ll lead you…this time it took me to a green island in the atlantic ocean. To a very interesting person and a talented artist. Meet Bebhinn:

Me: Hello Bebhinn! Please introduce yourself, who are you? where are you from?
Bebhinn: Dia dhuit! My name is Bebhinn and I am an Irish painter, illustrator and designer. If I had to describe myself best I would look to those close to me and ask them how they see me. My mam used to always describe me as peculiar and I guess I would have to agree. My chosen words would be creative, driven and resilient. I have no fears, I have only determination and of course an imagination.

Me: What a cool name you’ve got! I guess it’s gaelic. I also guess it’s not pronounced as spelled. Am I right?
Bebhinn: Thank you! You’re dead right, it is an Irish name, and can be found in a lot of Folklore (Irish tales.) It’s pronounced like ‘Bevin’ and Eilish pronounced like ‘Aylish’ – My mother named me Bebhinn because The mother of Brian Boru, the last great high king of Ireland, and one of his daughters were called Bebhinn. She said she knew my name right after she found out she was pregnant and she knew I needed a strong name. I don’t think any other name would suit me, it was definitely meant to be!

[me: that´s so cool, I love folklores and old mythologies…]

Me: I think you’ve found your own style, there’s something there in the images that tells it’s Bebhinn’s, but I can’t really say what exactly. Maybe the colours (not only of course.) What technique do you use?
Bebhinn: Oh I wouldn’t say I’ve found my own style, not even close, I’m still exploring and developing it slowly. I’m in no rush. I’m very much more about the journey than the destination and I just want to continue learning and pushing my own creative boundaries. I have had many people say they could identify my work through the colour although this isn’t often meant as a compliment haha. I don’t have a simple answer for this one, it is what it is! – From my instagram one would assume i’m a digital illustrator but that’s all you currently see. Most importantly i’m a painter and that brings me the most creative fulfilment. I’m changing over from acrylic to oils more recently and i’m learning a lot and also developing my painting style (hopefully there will be more to see soon!) So to answer your question I go between mediums, digital, traditional, painting, moulding, sculpting, sewing – you name it, I’m a versatile gal hahaha.

[Me: I love that! Why limit yourself to just one medium or one style…I also do a lot of different things, and still more planned…]

Me: Are you self thought or have you got any formal art education?
Bebhinn: So I have known I was an artist from the second I could hold a pencil, I have books and books of drawings I’ve done from age 2 onward (so thankful my mam kept them) there’s some really funny illustrations of me getting abducted by alien looking creatures and lots of creepy looking bunnies with literally thousands of chocolate eggs! ahaha who knows what I was thinking. I drew right up until I went to college to study visual communications and I graduated last year with a bachelors in graphic design. I’ve considered doing a masters in fine art, but mentally I’m just not there yet haha.

Me: Is your creative work a hobby, a side hustle or do you make a living off it?
Bebhinn: Tbh I’d describe it as all of the above haha. Not so much a hobby, I pretty much create 24/7, I take on lots of little jobs atm but I don’t have a full time job or even found exactly what I want that to be yet! I have lots of projects on the go at one time so I’m hoping bigger and better things will come from it.

Me: Are you a real cowgirl or is it only rumours?
Bebhinn: Oh wow, wasn’t sure I would be asked any real secrets!!! haha no I’m definitely not the real deal – I mean I do wear the gettup, the boots, the hat and I am inspired by the style in every way but I’m not sure I know what being a cowgirl really is, so I mustn’t be one! I’ll tell you when it clicked, so… one night I had an out of the blue dream that I was in a desert somewhere unknown and a crowd of people were watching me dance this incredibly complicated dance that involved me and a lasso! ahaha I woke up and in a hurry googled a lasso to buy one and got myself a nice pair of boots to match! It just set me off and now I am hooked hahahaha.

Me: I am also a lover of “the wild west,” since I was a kid. Me, my wife, and the children plow through “little house on the prairie” every now and then (all seasons, got em on dvd’s.) What are some of your favourite wild west series and/or movies?
Bebhinn: Oh this one is a tough one considering I don’t recall even half the films/shows I’ve watched in my life! I know my favourite western film is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! I also love Jack Nicholson in Goin’ South – andddd although I’ve never seen the film I remember seeing Brando as a cowboy for the film One-Eyed Jacks and thought it was everything! (Huge Brando fan)

Me: What do you do five years from now? Where are you, what have you achieved?
Bebhinn: Another difficult one to answer! My mam always told me if you’re constantly looking into the future, your own life will pass you by, so just stay present and focused – and I’ve done exactly that. I’m not concerned, I know good things will come my way, I vision somewhere like Paris, Spain or Italy in the next 5 years. What will I have achieved? Hopefully I am happy, creatively fulfilled and my work is appreciated! I want to be known, to be successful and all the rest but more than anything I wish for a simple life with lots of freedom and room to play. I want to paint till my dying day and not much else. I’m happy with that idea.

Me: Where can we find your work?
Bebhinn: Currently most of my work is pushed out through Instagram @bebhinn_eilish and I’m also on Behance and the likes! Thank you so much for the opportunity! 🙂

Me: Thank you very much Bebhinn, I wish you all the best in the times ahead!

Well, that was a very interesting read. I love when the people I do this with take their time and elaborate some with the answers. Love it! It´s great to hear other peoples thoughts and perspectives. To get to learn from each others experiences…that´s the whole meaning with this “Artisterviews-thing”. At least a big part of it.

Below are some of Bebhinns beautiful creations. As always I suggest you go see more of her work on the link shared above.

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