Let me serve you…

…a glass of wine words. Their inspiration works like wine…perhaps (but unlike wine, hopefully they won´t give you headache anyway…).

Well, I have always, yes, since I was just a kid actually, loved good quotes. It can be something powerful over a good quote. It can also be comforting. It can give you a smile.

I have found some good art-related ones that I want to pass on, I hope you too find something helpful about them.

Wine can absolutely help you sometimes with inspiration or just to relax…but, I can´t serve you wine here now, can I? Let me give you something else…I´ll pass on a few good quotes.

Thats all I got this time folks. If you want more, just google it damn it!

If you have a favourite quote (about anything) I´d love to hear it…write it in the comments!

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