Interview 23. Kyle Duca.

This artist is a highly talented and realistic painter who I would say is specialised on painting portraits, human and animal portraits alike. Although, if you take your time to scroll further down his instagram account you´ll find out that he´s got a broad repertoir…

There is something special with islands…I have always had an interest in them. They often seem to have something special and mysterious about them. Maybe it stems from my child hood, I absolutely loved the book Robinson Crusoe and the story of Gullivers travels. The only place we took vacation travels to with my family as a child was to an island, Swedens largest one, namely Gotland. I love that island and have kept on visiting it many summers.

I´m sure that the Island of Malta in the mediterranean is a fantastic place as well and well worth a visit (if and when we´re allowed to travel again)…did you know it´s the place where this amazing artist is from? Soon you do. Oh, sorry, maybe I´ll let him tell you himself. Here is Kyle Duca:

Me: Hello Kyle, please introduce yourself. Who is Kyle Duca? Where is he from? Age? Family? etc…

Kyle: I’m a self taught artist coming from the little island of Malta, in the Medterranean Sea, Europe.
Im 28 years old, 25 of the them into art, as I started from a very young age practicing as a hobby.

Me: Where did you learn your artistic skills? In school or on your own (autodidactic)?

Kyle: I learnt alone drawing faces & animals, subjects I still work on to this day.

[Yes, I know that he answered that in the first question…but I let this be as it is anyway. I try not to tamper with the interview. It works like this: I send the questions by text and I recieve the answers in text. Things doesn´t always have to be corrected or superprofessional. I wouldn´t get much done if I tryed to go “perfectionist”. That´s not for me…]

Me: What tecniques/medium do you prefer to work with?

Kyle: The 3 main mediums I work with are graphites, coloured pencils & acrylics, the latter being the one I use most.

Me: When did you become a professional artist? Have you worked with anything else? Tell us some about your career please.

Kyle: It became my profession at the age of 25, to expand my capabilities with my hobby. I took this decision after I competed in various art Expos around europe & realized that I had what it takes to paint at a certain level.

Me: Other than being exceptionally skilled (like you), what can be a feasible way to become a recognized artist while still alive? Do you have any “magical” advice or is it just good ol’ struggling, perseverance and “keep going” that’ll eventually get you there?

Kyle: Personally, constantly training daily allowed me to explore & test mediums & skills, then perseverance is key.

Me: Where do you find inspiration for your creativity?

Kyle: Generally from clients, getting to know their point of view or ideas allows you to come up with things you didnt think about in the first place.

Me: Do you have time for other interests/hobbies?

Kyle: Currently fitness

Me: What do you think about doing commissions vs. your own art? Any thoughts?

Kyle: Both come with responsibility, as you are creating a visual memory for someone to cherish it all his/her life.

Me: Where can we find your art?

Kyle: Facebook and instagram are the 2 main platforms I use to showcase my artwork.

Below are examples of Kyle Ducas totally amazingly skillfull paintings…

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