Why buy art?

One way I use to think about it or compare it with is how we like to buy quality clothes to dress up and to look good (to impress people we don´t know mostly) in front of others and to feel good of ourselves. Why lower the standards when it comes to “dress up” our homes? With a one of a kind quality painting or sculpture your home can get you and your family in the right mood…and it will look more exclusive perhaps to make an impression on people who visits. People who visit you are important to you. More important than strangers, right?

Perhaps you wonder why you should buy an expensive piece of original art when you can just go over to your local low price warehouse and find a mass produced piece of…well, something nice. Yes, it may be beautiful, and yes it is cheap. But thousand´s of other´s have just the same piece in their home. It doesn´t give you very much uniqueness does it? Maybe that is not what you´r after, maybe you don´t care about that. Maybe then you don´t want to read more of this article. It´s fine, art is not for everyone.

If you still wonder whether you should or should not buy this piece of art that you really like, then you may want to read the rest of this text. Maybe I can convince you.

The reasons people buy art are many and I will not be able to cover all of the reasons to do it. Just a few.

It makes you feel good. The reasons can be many, one of them is the most obvious and that is simply that it´s a beautiful piece. It is visually very attractive to you. It reminds you of something important perhaps. It may just give you a certain warm, good and positive vibe…

Bying and owning it can make you feel good about yourself of other reasons as well. You may feel that you made a good deed by supporting this particular artist. It is a person that you really like and want to give support and encouragement. Every time you look at the piece you are reminded of this good feeling that it gives you…that is something few things you buy can give, a good feeling about yourself. One that lasts.

“Peaceful Serenity” by american artist Scott Foster.

Maybe you want something unique to decor either your home or your office with. Something that can´t be found anywhere else. Something that only exits in one single copy. That will give you a unique feeling for sure.

Some people buy art as an investment. In some cases that can be a very good investment. The history as well as present times are full of examples of artists whose works has been priced higher than any precious metals. Off course their paintings and sculptures wasn´t priced that high when they started their career…what if the piece you buy is created by an artist that´ll hit the stars tomorrow, next year or the next decade. For sure that piece will be worth more, and probably a lot more then when you bought it.

The most probable reasons people buy art is most probably a combination of some or all of the reasons listed above (importance of varying degree).

One category of people who buys art are actually other artists. That´s a category of art buyers artists themselves often tend to overlook I would guess. They are the kind of people (artists) who knows their how´s and why´s when it comes to appreciate art. Some times they buy it because it gives them inspiration…and who needs inspiration the way an artist does? It is our “lifeforce”…am I right?

“Social at distance”, acrylic painting by Swedish artist Caroline Dahlgren.

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