The Artisterviewers views on “success”…

…how to reach it and how to know when (or if) you do it.

This is one important part of your own personal philosophy. And that is the single most important factor in how your life is right now and how it will be in the future. Your own personal philosophy.
Good thing is, if you don´t like where you have gotten so far you can always change it. Your philosophy.

Now, lets dive into the subject. Success.
First you need to define success. What is success to you? If your definition of success is to be able to pay the bills and you do that, then by all means you are a smashing success…It doesn´t have to always be this huge, gigantic things. You get to define it all by yourself. It´s about what you feel that success means for you. No one else can judge what youre definition of it is, how high or how low you set your goals. Other peoples opinions is just that. Opinions. Theirs. Not your bussiness. They can´t hurt you unless you let them by making them unnecessarily important. [and there I got another subject that I´ll write about more some other time…]

What goals do you have? Do you even have any goals, and if so, how well defined are they?
You might wonder why the heck has this got anything to do with art or being an artist?
It´s all a matter of opinion and perspective. It has a lot to do with any human I think. Not just artists.
It is a matter of the quality of your life. In order to have a satisfying, rich life and to feel good about yourself it is of great importance and help for most people to feel that they have accomplished important things. That they have reached goals and that there are more goals left to strive for.

Try to set specific goals for yourself. Very specific, otherwise you can´t tell if and when you´ve reached them. Small goals, medium goals and big goals. Short term, medium term and long term goals. Make lists. Check them off when they´ve been accomplished and celebrate your success.
It´s fun and it´s a great habit that can be a very useful tool to get yourself to where you want to be.
You should have several lists. Lists with goals concerning your health, your economy, your home, your garden and off course your art bussiness. Get a small notebook and write them down. Check it off every now and then, at least once a week.

Now…I am a very honest person, maybe too honest for my own good at times. I would lie to you if I told you I do all these things myself all the time that I try to teach others. I don´t. But that´s part of the reason I´m trying to teach you this. You see, one of the best ways to learn something for yourself is to study it so much that you´re able to teach it to others. I consider this a lesson not only for you but also for me. I will get a note book. I will create lists with goals. Small, short term goals, days and weeks ahead. Medium sized, medium term goals weeks and months ahead and the bigger goals that are years into the future. A future that I´ll set sail towards.

Join me. Set sail on the ocean of dreams. Take out the direction to the amazing and wonderful haven of “Port Success”. That place exists somewhere in space and time already…you can get there. It´s mostly a matter of discipline and learning. Best way (if not only) to learn, is by doing. Just don´t ever expect to learn anything without failure. Thats an important piece in this puzzle. You will not learn anything of value without failures. Sorry, thats just how the rules seems to be in this game called “life”…or “the human experience”.

Also remember, don´t be too hard on yourself. If you don´t reach all the goals in the time that you´ve set out to, revise the list, maybe reschedule a few things? You can not expect to have the same goals all the time either. Maybe you suddenly decide to change your plans. This list is not meant to build anxiety and frustration. It´s just meant to give you a direction. To clearify to yourself where you´re heading.

Good luck, travel safe and we´ll meet up at “Port Success”…or somewhere along the way.

This article was brought to you by the brain behind this eye…a brain that has collected tons of “personal development knowledge” the last two years. This kind of knowledge is extremely powerful tools in the making of a better life. But as with any tools, unused they are of no value.

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