Interview 20. Oxana Prantl.

This interesting artist I found on instagram because I wondered “is there any artists here from Switzerland?” (don´t ask me why I wondered that…maybe it´s because i travel a lot in my mind, so to speak. I have always done that. I love geography and I am curious on everything…). Well, I found an amazingly talented and interesting person there. A woman who made art in a style that I was not very familiar with, “Pop art” is what it´s labeled as. I think it is quite interesting and decided that I´d like to do an interview with her. Meet oxana:

Me: Hello Oxana, (what a cool name btw) please introduce yourself to the readers.

Oxana: Oxana is a Ukrainian name, but I am originally from Russia, I lived 10 years in Austria, now moved to Switzerland in July 2020.
(some more basic information on my homepage )

Me: Can you survive in Swizerland If you are afraid of hights?🤣 (I wonder since I got this “syndrome” myself…)

Oxana: You CAN survive in Switzerland – the most cities are flat / not in the Mountains:)

Me: What is your definition of “pop art”?

Oxana: Pop Art is an art of popular motives, actual culture, movies, songs, stars, everything what is popular right now in Media or what people are speaking about.

Me: Do you make a living on your artwork or do you have it more as a hobby?

Oxana: My art is my work, it is definitely more than a hobby. I make exhibitions and projects, I also sell my artworks to customers, so of course it is a work.

Me: Tell me what is a “dosenspritzer”? (I can’t find any english text on this).

Oxana: Dosenspritzer is a project.
It is a white wine mixed with water – it is a very popular light Summer drink with less Alkohol – especially known in Austria and Germany.
The design made by me, wine made by Austrian wine producer from famous wine Area in Area.
The uniqueness of this drink – it is because it is a first „wine spritz“ produced in the can.
And this is a funky design – cool for summer parties 🙂

Me: How do you think that the pandemic is affecting the situation for artists generally speaking. Has the competition amongst artists and creators got too big for newbies to get a fair chance you think? Will things get back to normal?

Oxana: The biggest problem for artist during pandemic- is NO exhibitions any more. Everything happens online, but it is of course not the same.
People want to see artworks live and communicate with artists live and participate with the exhibition events.
Also art fairs are missing now. It is a huge part of art world for artists and galleries.
Art is like food – you can not get your satisfaction by just looking at the photo.
The new artists are always struggling by getting the attention- it is normal, it was the same as before the pandemic, nothing has changed really.
But now it is much easier to use social media to connect with new people 🙂
Artists and their artworks always make better sells together, it is one package, people like to know the artist, and because the artworks are always a part of the artist – why not.

Me: Why do you think that it is almost “taboo” for an artist to say that they have an ambition to make money (or even big money) on their art? Why is that considered wrong, bad or “ugly”?

Oxana: Is it a taboo for the artist? Never heard about this.
The most artists want to be successful in their profession – like all people normally.
On the other side, for people who are not artists it could be difficult to understand sometimes that artist wants to get paid for his job. They think that making art is just fun and relaxation for the artist.
And they also think that the „real job“is only one wich is difficult and hard.
So if you have fun doing your job – you should not be paid because it sound unfair to another people.
I think every job which requires any unique skills and talents should be paid better – because of this uniqueness.

Me: Please ask yourself anything (make it an interesting one😃) and also answer the question please.

Oxana: What is my personal artist goal?

Oxana: I wish to be able to paint at least 1000 artworks before I die 🙂

Me: Do you do commissions?

Oxana: Yes, I do. People who are interested should contact me directly for more information.

Me: Where can one find your art if one want to admire or buy a piece?

Oxana: „Walentowski Gallerien“ in Germany and in Austria:

„Art Connection“ in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA: [contact them if you´re interested in Oxana´s works. It´s a huge gallery and they don´t have everything online.]

She also has an instagram account where you can view some of her beautiful work, the link is right here: Oxana Prantl – Pop Art (@oxanaprantl) • Foton och videoklipp på Instagram and don´t miss her own very interesting artgallery/homepage, the link is: Oxana Prantl´s Art Gallery (

Below are a few examples of what kind of art/style you can expect from Oxana Prantl…I don´t know ´bout you, but I really like it. Sooo cool!

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