Interview 18. Brandy Ledet.

Weird Art Group. That´s the name of the Facebook group where I found this gem. A tough broad and a skilled artist from the deep south of the U.S of A.

Heeeere´s Brandy:

Me: Hello Brandy! Please introduce yourself, who are you? (Where are you from? Age perhaps? What do you do? Work? Study? etc.)

Brandy: I’m Brandy Ledet, I’m 25 years old from south Louisiana. I’ve always painted but I’ve never really shared my artwork publicly until a couple years ago I was encouraged to make an Instagram. I operate nuclear reactors for the United Stares Navy. I’ve been in the military for five years. sharing art online has definitely given me an artistic outlet that I don’t get in my career.

[ Me: Wow….I´m impressed by that….and maybe a bit intimidated. It sure sounds like a tough thing to do, “operating a nuclear reactor” especially for a female (hope no one calls me “sexist” because of this lol)…oh, btw. I do not care, I know I´m not one. Call me anything, hahaha. Fortunately I know myself enough not to care.]

Me: When did you “go public” with your artistery?

Brandy: I’ve been posting my art consistently since 2018, but I didn’t start selling my work and making prints until last year.

Me: Where do you find inspiration to your creativity…and why is that?

Brandy: Inspiration is kind of hard to quantify. I obviously love to draw animals and pretty women (who doesn’t lol) but I constantly struggle with pushing myself to make darker/creepier art. I have lists upon lists of vague painting ideas (example: melted skull cap flower blood?) but often my painting in my head turns out way different on paper. I like to make beautiful creepy artwork I don’t see anywhere else.

Me: Which horror movie do you like the Most?

Brandy: My favorite horror movie is a three way tie between trick r treat, the sixth sense, and the rite. Funny enough, I don’t have any art inspired by any of them. That will have to change soon.

[ Me: I used to love horror movies….haven´t seen all of those. Gotta catch up.]

Me: Why is your name on instagram “brandyabroad”? Are you abroad?

Brandy: Funny enough, I started my Instagram as a travel blog to make memories when I got stationed in Europe. The content changed but I was attached to the name 🙂 I was a blonde chick (a broad) living in Germany (abroad). So witty lol.

Me: What do you think about etsy? Are you happy with it? Do you sell a lot there(or at least some)?

Brandy: I do the majority of my transactions through Etsy. I know it’s more professional to have my own website but I’ve only been advertising my work for less than a year. I will eventually move to my own site but for now I really enjoy the features and abilities it has to offer.

[ Me: “proffessional” or not, if it works it works. I am considering maybe getting an Etsy account myself…well, we´ll see. Maybe. But I think you should have at least a blog of your own, if for nothing else, it´s fun. I can recommend WordPress.]

Me: Will the world ever get back to something like “normal” you think? (the way we used to think of “normal” that is.)

Brandy: I think we’ll have some type of normal but it will be a new normal. It’s weird to watch shows and see people not wearing masks now. I don’t think people will wear masks forever but I think everyone will be a little more aware of public hygiene.

[ Me: Personally, I think the mask thing is weird….I´ll never get used to that. Hopefully. ]

Me: What strategy is a good one (your best advice) for a new artist who want to make a name in the artworld?

Brandy: Every painting has a ugly phase. It’s when you’re about 60% done with a paintings and it looks awful and you want to quit and throw it away. Don’t do that. This is the most important part of the painting, you have to push past it. Even if you have to set it aside for a little while, don’t give up on it. As far as making it in the art world, I’m not so sure if I am the best to give advice on this. Just remember, followers are just a number. You have to get involved, join 100 different Facebook groups where you can post your art, join insta, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter. The more you show your art, the more you’ll find people who love your art.

Me: If you got to ask yourself a question, what would that be? Of course you need to answer it too.

Brandy: Im considering moving into other materials, I have clays, I got a tattoo machine, I’ve considered trying oak dolls. Of course I’ll always do paintings, but I’m excited to show what else I have to offer.

Me: Did you enjoy answering these questions? Did any of them make you think of anything in a “new way” or got you to clearify/process your own thoughts in any way you think? Was this the worst question of them all?🤣

Brandy: I really appreciate you reaching out. It’s given me an opportunity to be reflective and think about what I could be doing better. Thank you for the opportunity.

Me: Where do we find your art?

Brandy: or

Thank You very much Brandy, my pleasure!

Below are a few examples of Brandys beautiful artworks and paintings, I really like them. If you wish too see more you should really visit her store on Etsy and/or check out her instagram account. She´s been really productive and has got a lot of beautiful artworks to sell or to get inspired by!

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