Interview 14. Shruthi.

This artist caught my attention via her instagram account, there was a picture of a bird…more precisely, a Phoenix bird, and even more precisely the Phoenix bird “Fawkes”. That my friends is from Harry Potter. The night before I watched this particular bird (for the first time as I can remember) in this Harry Potter movie that my daughter sat and watched when I came home late from my work. I call this “synchronicity”. Thats cool.

Just as my last interviewee, this one wants to be a bit anonymous. She did not want to reveal her surname. Well, that is not anything I demand, but I do believe that shyness or timidity (I´m not calling anyone anything, it could be other reasons too of course for these artists wanting to keep their artwork “incognito” I totally respect that) might not be the best or easiest way if you want to get anywhere in “the artworld” if that´s what you aspire (that´s me writing to my readers as an advice, not adressing anyone personally)…just sayin´…

…but, of course there are people who just create to create. It´s nothing wrong at all with that approach. We all have different reasons and different kind of ambitions with our creativity…

…anywayzzzz, here she comes, meet Shruthi:

Me: Hello Shruthi! Please introduce thyself. Tell me/us; where do you come from? Where do you live now…etc. Whatever you feel like telling.

Shruthi: Well, I’m from India and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I used to swim competitively back in India and that’s when I found that I love sketching and… Art basically😅. It was one of the only things that helped me disconnect from the real world and its million stressful problems and just focus on the paper in front of me. You know the phrase “slow down to smell the roses or you might miss them completely”? Yeah that’s what art helped me do. Helped me calm down and just have fun with a bunch of colors and lines.

Me: When did you “go public” with your art?

Shruthi: I’ve been sketching on and off for… Almost 6 years now. Mum and a few of my close friends had been suggesting that I open up a public page on Instagram for my art for like the longest time and I was considering it when the pandemic hit. I thought, Ah well what else is there to do, and just jumped for it last year I guess.

Me: That is something I have heard a lot from so many people getting into art lately. This pandemic have really made a lot of people finding creative ways of expression. I guess that is one of the good sides of it all…

Me: Do you make a living on your art or is more on a hobby level?

Shruthi: I don’t earn from my art, no. It’s just a hobby I turn to when I have the free time and the need for some calming activities. I haven’t thought about turning it into a business really.

Me: Well I think you might someday want to consider it. You do have enough talent/skill to be a proffessional artist I think, at least to try use it to build a side hustle.

Me: Do you think it’s important to have a “message” with your art or to “stand for something” If you want to be successful as an artist? Or is it better not to these days? Your opinion:

Shruthi: I don’t have any message/theme for my art. I’m into drawing zentangles and mandalas, but I’m also down to trying out new mediums, forms, and styles of art as long as it interests me. For me, I need to feel the motivation to pursue that style of art. If you scroll through my feed, you’d see I don’t have any set style or theme like a lot of other people do. It’s just me sketching and posting whatever I feel like doing. I feel as long as your art/public page represents you and not some compulsory “theme”, you’re in for long-term success. Because end of the day, art is an extension of yourself on paper. So if you’re not REAL on your page, you’ll end up tiring of it and losing interest, making it yet another robotic job. That affects your art, and you. So keeping it real is my opinion on how to be successful.

Me: Are you religious and/or spiritual in some way?

Shruthi: I wouldn’t call myself religious/spiritual. I honestly don’t think of that very often as I’ve never been that interested in this topic. My only statement in this would be that as long as you don’t tell me what I should believe in, I respect you and whatever your beliefs are.

Me: That is a wise perspective, that last statement. I wish everybody would have that kind of integrity.

Me: How do you think is a good way to promote your art as a newbie-artist in order to get more sells? Any ideas/thoughts you’d like to share?

Shruthi: As a newbie artist, I’d say start it with your friend and family circles. Ask them for help. Asking them to share your posts on their accounts regularly would expand the reach to their circles. And the cycle goes on. And my other tip would be not to stress too much on growing! Concentrating on your art is more important than concentrating on follower numbers. The latter will come automatically. But if you start focusing on numbers, your quality of art and your enjoyment will decrease!

Me: Wich is your favourite artist or artists (If anyone)?

Shruthi: I’m a huge fan of @drawingwiffwaffles. I follow her YouTube like a crazed fan and love her quirky style. I think that’s what got me more into liking art. I’ve never tried her style of art but I love how she projects herself in public.

Me: Thank you for that tip, I will absolutely look it up. I´m always searching for inspiration!

Me: Any thoughts about the future? Generally speaking I mean, the “future of humankind on this planet” kind of?

Shruthi: Hahahaha. Future of humankind? Man that’s tough to predict. Every night I think “yup the world is going this way” and then the next morning BOOM! I wake up to it taking a completely different track altogether! So no, I don’t really think of the future and plan out my steps and actions. It’s just me wingin’ it.😅

Me: Ask yourself an interesting question and answer it to please.

Shruthi: What’s your preferred style of art?
Shruthi: I don’t have any preference really. It’s more of me just trying out different mediums, seeing how they blend differently, seeing them react differently to each other, and learning how to maneuver all of them. I’m currently using pencils and alcohol markers as my preferred mediums, but I’ve been thinking about switching to gouache paint for a while now. Lets see how that goes! Probably a really messy medium but oh well!

Me: Where can one find your art If one want to see more or buy (If you sell…)?

Shruthi: Aaah I don’t sell, although a lot of people have suggested that I do. I’m just not that confident yet and scared of all the criticism and pointing of fingers that comes with setting up a small business. Plus, I think I’ll wait till I’m a little more stable in life before I actually take a leap and set up a business!

Thank you very much Shruthi for your time, I wish you all the best in the future!

That´s it folks. I suggest you check out Shruthis insta art.ishhhh and admire her perfectly shaped and intricate mandalas (and more). I love them. Below are a few examples of her artworks. Enjoy!

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