Interview 12. Mike Borromeo.

First I must make a few things clear I feel. I need to explain to you, the readers how my interviews work. It´s the simplest and easiest approach, I send the questions on text and I recieve the answers. That means I might get an answer to a question in the beginning and I still ask for an answer to wich I already have got an answer to….aaand, again, my first language is not english, that can make things funny sometimes I guess.

I know also that posting the interview exactly as I wrote it from the beginning without editing can make it seem a bit “unproffessional”, but, see it this way instead, it´s totally honest and without any makeup. It makes it real and untampered with.

The next “guest” here on Artisterviews is a guy I thought was named “Gaston”, I based that on the name of his instagram account. He is a supertalented man from an exotic (from my perspective) land of Phillipines, a land southeast of China consisting of no less than 7641 islands (according to wikipedia). That´s a lot of islands. Here is my interview with Gaston…oh, sorry , I mean Mike:

Me: Hello Gaston, please tell me about yourself, who and/or what is Gaston and where is he from, where doe’s he live? (Your first names sounds French and your surname almost Italian).

Mike: My real name is Mike Borromeo. Gaston Bounarotti is just a pen name. Gaston is my dog’s name and Bounarotti is taken from the artist Michael Angelo himself. I am currently a fulltime senior artist at Holysoft Studios, a game developing company, based in Bacolod City, Philippines, where I’m also from.

Me: What kind of art do you create?

Mike: I work mostly in Digital platform doing conceptual art for characters and environmental design. On my free time, I do visual arts to create personal artworks using traditional mediums like, pen and ink, watercolor, pencil, etc… going back to basics like these inspires me to be more creative and gives me a broad baseline in digital art.

Me: Are you a full time professional artist who lives of your art or is it more on a hobby level?

Mike: Both. Digital art is a profession, its my bread and butter I may say. While doing visual arts is also my passion, it is creating personal art and most often, it becomes your purpose in the society. Art is my life and expression.

Me: You are also a talented musician, I have heard your smooth guitar riffs on insta, are you performing in music? Playing in a band or something?

Mike: I do play the guitar on my free time and only on company parties or events. I’m a self-taught guitarist and I usually play to get my mind off some stress, posting it on my facebook, instagram and my youtube channel that I’ve currently just started.

Me: How was your 2020?

Mike: 2020 was the worst and best year. Worst because, we had to work from home, which I am really not used to, considering that my work environment has always been outside the comfort of my house. It was okay during the first few months but it turned out to be too draining, not being to leave the house and just being in front of the computer all week was just too much. On the other side, it was the best year for my personal art. I began to channel some of my thoughts, feelings, emotions and observations, expressed it on paper, making more personal artworks. Ive also discovered IG and posting some works both Digital and my personal art gave me a better perspective on expressing my art. Same goes with my music.

Me: Has daily life changed a lot for the average Philipino today vs. time before Corona-crisis?

Mike: It has. The pandemic caused a lot of Filipinos to lose their job. Even big businesses were greatly affected. Things ordinary people do like meetings, hanging out or merely celebrating with a crowd wasnt allowed.

Me: Do you think the world will become more “normal” this year, 2021, or will things escalate and become weirder and weirder?

Mike: Hoping it will become normal. V a c c i n a t i o n s have started but I still have doubts on its effect. Nothing can be more weird than what we are going through right now, I hope.

Me: Have you got any smashing tips om how to best promote and sell your artwork?

Mike: Join artshows or online shows and artgroups so that you can tap with other artists. Share your works on digital platforms like FB, IG or others that suits your style and personality.

Me: Ask yourself anything. Maybe something special you like to share or just something you believe could be interesting to read about. (Also answer the question please).

Mike: It’s from Andy Warhol, it says and I quote “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” I always imply this quote everytime I do a personal artwork. I don’t mind if you like or hate it, it doesn’t worry me if its going to make money or not. If it does, pat yourself on the back. If it doesnt, just create even more!

Me: Where can we find your artwork (just to view or If one want to buy)?

Mike: Some of my works are on my IG, please follow me on gastonbounarottiart.

Thank´s a lot Mike! It was really interesting to do this with you and to read the answers. I got some serious doubts too about the v*****e (well I better not write it right out I want to stay on the internet). It was great to learn about what Andy Warhol said about the creating process…I really liked that philosophy. It reminds me of how I always think about it myself actually, hahaha…

I suggest you check out this mans instagram, there are a lot of cool stuff and beautiful art shared there. Below you can se some of it:

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