Interview 11. R. Scott Foster

This artist is living in the Northwestern part of U.S.A, namely in Washington state, not to be confused with the city Washington (my readers are from all over the globe, so just wanted to clear this out). This area has got a special place in my heart although I have never visited it (not even close…I´m a traveler in my mind at best), it is in this part of the world the fictional town of Twin Peaks were supposed to be. That masterpiece from the minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost has stuck with me since I first saw it almost 30 years ago…(you have really missed something Scott, you gotta see at least the first two seasons, the old ones.)

Me: Hello Scott! Tell me a little about yourself please, where on this planet do you live, what occupation(s) do you have (or had If retired)?

Scott: I live in a very small town in Washington State just 5 minutes from the Canadian border. I work at a hospital in Bellingham Washington as an electrician.

Me: When did you start to paint?

Scott: although I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember I only started painting for the last couple of years.

Me: You live in Washington state right? Have you ever been to North Bend and Snoqualmie? Is the “atmosphere” from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks present there you think?

Scott: My wife says yes 😂 I’ve never seen the series. I can say we loved visiting both places when we’re in the area.

Me: You got involved in a film, “Poor Innocence”. Tell me about that.

Scott: I had been following Serina for several months when she asked if any artist was interested in having there work in her movie so I message her, she gave me the details. My wife thought I was crazy sending a complete stranger almost everything I had but I had a good feeling, come to find out Serina use to work with one of my cousins. (Serinal is an amazing person with a heart of gold, sometimes you have to trust your heart.)

Me: How was 2020 personally for you? And what do you think was the greatest lesson (If any) from that year?

Scott: Working in a healthcare profession it had it’s challenges but I’m sure what I do isn’t affect no where near as much as those that work directly with Covid19, doctors, nurse, housekeeping, respiratory therapy, x-ray technicians and so many others. Both myself and my wife work at the same hospital so we were fortunate that we hit financially like so many others.

Me: Do you have any good ideas/tips on how to market and sell your art If you are a new or rather unknown artist?

Scott: I’m so wet behind the ears I’m still learning the ropes, I am in the process of building a web site, it should be up and running within the next month.

Me: Red wine or white?

Scott: Red 🍷

Me: Coffee, how do you like it? Black? Sugar  or no sugar? Milk or creme?

Scott: If at home or work cream and sugar, if camping I like it black.

Me: If you got to make up a question for yourself, what would you ask? Also, please answer it.

Scott: My question would be “who’s my biggest inspiration”
Answer: My cousin Patty Glaser @pattyglaserart .. Although there are so many, my wife, my mom and my sister… Although there are many that inspire me Patty had her art in a gallery and that kinda lit a fire for me to get back into art.

Me: Thank you very much Scott, it has been a pleasure. If interested to buy or view where can one find your art?

Scott: Thank you so much, currently dm me with the piece they are interested in, hopefully by the end of February will be in full swing.

Me: Looking forward to that Scott, until then you can all check out his amazing instagram account:

Scott: Thank you so much for interviewing me, please edit as necessary, grammer was never my best grade in school 😀😂

Thank you too Scott for your time. I understand that the last sentence was not meant to be seen here, but I kind of liked it, it´s a compliment I think…I mean, me being Swedish and all😂. Thank you Scott.

Below are a few of Scott´s beautiful paintings. Although I happened to pick only those with an orange tone/scale, he do use other colours as well. But I must say, I really like those…I have always loved orange, one of my favourite colours.

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