Interview 10. Andrea Castaneda Castro.

This is an artist who I am so totally convinced will litterally reach the stars. Her drive, intelligence and skills are on high levels, that´s for sure. She comes from a tropical paradise in the latin americas, the country of Honduras. If you read on she will tell you a little about it (I got interested to find out more about that nation now…). Im so proud and happy to present to you this amazing artist here on my blog/site.

Me: Hello Andrea! Please tell me, what are your greatest source of inspiration? (You can name more than one If you need.)

Andrea: Painting senior citizens inspires me because of their wisdom, compassion and love. Given their experience in life, they have managed to establish better priorities, they are people from whom you can ask for advice, they are very patient, tolerant and merciful. she characterizes herself as being a sensitive person and like any artist our feelings are on the surface.
Also inspires me a lot learning new techniques and the study of colors is magnificent for me because it makes me want to paint more and learn way more.
Painting animals with the elderly, feels that I have achieve a perfect harmony in
A painting because animals have a pure, innocent look without malice and I also see the same pure look in the elders. I often adds many flowers and nature to complete that communion, the flowers, they are beautiful and with their happy colors it inspires me a lot.

Me: I understand that you will begin study this month, may I ask what you will be studying?

Andrea: I will be study a master in Fine Arts for the whole year.

Me: You moved from Honduras to USA right? When did you do that and why did you move to a place with such a cold climate? (not that I know really but I do suppose Virginia, USA is a lot colder than tropical Honduras).

Andrea: Before I was living on an island named Roatan. I was a muralist and over there I met my boyfriend Benjamin. So we decide to come to Virginia.

Me: What did you learn from 2020?

Andrea: I learned how to market my art, expand my business and I learned that the key to success is keep studying hard in order to achieve my goals.

Me: Can you tell us something about your plan for the future, your goals and Dreams?

Andrea: Well, I’m planning to keep going with my art career. I have been achieving so much. I want to keep learning and studying. One of my plans is to study a master in art history and learn Italian in order to go to Italy and study contemporary art. Because I want to become a great painter. In the meanwhile I’m opening a virtual art gallery MC Gallery Art with another artist from Honduras. Also I’m studying an Art MBA marketing course for Bridgette Mayers. Is a known artist and she has an art gallery. So I’m learning how to sell my art and achieve my goals as an artist. It’s pretty fun. Also I want to have my own art gallery in the future and sell my own art there.

Me: What advice would you give to an unknown artist struggling to be seen and to get his/her art “out there”? Do you have any good sales and marketing success tips to share?

Andrea: First they have to know that in order to achieve success you need to work hard and that you might lose motivation. You have to study art marketing strategies in order to sell your art. Like having a subscribers in your monthly newsletter, have your art in several art galleries, participate in Auctions, participate in art festivals. Safe money in order to advertise your art on Facebook and Instagram. Most important thing is to find your voice.

Me: Rural country or big town, what do you prefer?

Andrea: I love both. I have lived in Mexico City. It is one of the biggest cities in the whole world and I have lived in a small tiny island that’s the opposite and both I enjoy it the same.

Me: What are some of your other interests?

Andrea: I love to cook, I like to exercise and hangout with family and friends. I’m a very social person. Watch horror movies. But I stopped watching them because at night I can’t sleep and I’m still afraid of the dark. So I guess I have to stop watching scary movies.

Me: If you got to be interviewed, what do you think would be a good question to you? What would you ask yourself? And what would your answer be?

Andrea: I would ask how Honduras is my country. Can you talk to me a little bit about your country?, I would love people to know more about my country and where I come from.
I will answer well Honduras is a beautiful country with amazing biodiversity, with warm tropical weather, we have Garifuna, Misquita, Maya, Lenca, Tolupanes, Pech, Tawahka,Chortis, Choroteca and more so Honduras is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country with a heritage of more than 12 thousand years of history, the first societies that inhabited the country.. So we have a diversity of culture of Honduras is the set of expressions of a people and these also represent most of a country consisting of: Customs, practices, codes, norms and rules of the way of being, dressing, religion, rituals , norms of behavior and belief systems.) Honduras is a multiethnic country, therefore it is a multicultural country. The ethnic composition of Honduras is as follows: 20% white, 10% Garífuna black, 6% indigenous, and 64% predominantly mestizo.

Me: Now, maybe silly questions, but It’s good to
laugh. Your names…Castaneda and Castro…are you related to Carlos and Fidel?

Andrea: No haha well, Castro Castaneda is a common name in Honduras. Well my grandpa he had around 50 siblings so Castaneda is a last name that many people have. Maybe I’m related who know haha.

Me: When bringing up his name, Carlos Castaneda. Have you read any of his books, If so what do you think? Was Don Juan Matis a real person he met or just something he fantisized?

Andrea: I haven’t read the book yet, but I know what it is about. I think that in order to write what wrote he might have tested and understood it. Maybe Juan Matis was himself. But I don’t know if I have to read the book to give you a specific answer.

Me: Now, I don’t want to take up any more of your valuable time. I understand that you are very busy. Where can the readers find your art to view or to buy?

Andrea: Sure, I have my website where you can buy art:
Instagram :
Artist Andrea Castaneda Castro

Me: Thank you a lot Andrea it was great to have you on board for a while. I wish you the very best 2021 and onwards!

Andrea: Thank you so much I really appreciate it was a great interview. I really have fun and I enjoy it so much!

Below I guess you can see what I meant when I told you in the beginning of this text/interview that she is highly skilled. If you ask me this is not someone who needs education in fine arts, she should teach if anything…or, better up, just create more of these stunningly beautiful masterpieces to decorate this world with…I say it again, this woman will get to the stars. She will be world famous for her art!

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