Interview 9. Bjørn Christian Hjorhöy.

This dude is a Dane, thats a people occupying some land (a few islands and some kind of “outgrowth” or landtounge sticking out from from Germany basically) south of Sweden. As you can read below, he has gone through some tough times lately and the virus didn´t make things easier either, not for anyone. I can´t help feeling for all those who lost their jobs and income because of corona, it´s no good. But, also, there is an upside to it, many people find more time to be creative and as Bjørn says, it may be a perfect time to “reinvent” oneself.

Me: Hello Bjørn! Please tell me about yourself and your art. Where do you live and breath and what kind of creative endeavours are you into, etc…?

Bjørn: HI! Well, I’m from Denmark, Europe. The small country squeezed in between Sweden and Germany. I’ve been drawing for as long as I remember. Other than that, I’ve airbrushed cars, drumkits, guitars and helmets. My latest obsession is modeling in polymer clay, and painting them afterwards. I’ve also been helping my kids with crafting their Halloween and live role-playing costumes, fursuits and props.

Me: Ok, I’m curious and gotta ask…your instagram account, the name of it. I understand the letters B, C and H but what about the G? And also, the ending, “666”, are you into satanism or something?

Bjørn: Bjørn Christian Gølnitz Hjorhöy, is my full name. It’s a doozy, I know! As that abbreviation were taken, I had to add something in the end on for my Instagram account. I chose 666, not because I’m particularly religious, but it fitted my style of psychedelic monstrosities. I am, however, playing with the idea of changing it.

Me: Do you work as a full time proffessional artist or is it on a hobby level?

Bjørn: So far it has been on a hobby level. I have done a good amount of commissions though, and I’ve been working on going in a more professional direction. I’ve considered running some webinars and online courses on art and crafting, in these hard times of corona isolation. I’ve resently been forced to make some big changes in my life, so I might as well reinvent myself as a creative entrepreneur, who enjoys his work. 😊

Me: I have seen you draw amazing cartoons, tell me about your relation to cartoons, wich are your favourite? (Me, I looove the Simpsons).

Bjørn: I’m a big Matt Groening fan. Simpsons were good, but Futurama were better, in my opinion. 😊 Rick and Morty, SpongeBob, Ren and Stimpy, Adventure time are all favorites. Everything Miyazaki hits home, and all creatures from the mind of Tim Burton. As for the more gory stuff, Todd McFarlane and Frank Miller. Also my fellow dane, John Kenn Mortensen, is a great source of inspiration.

Me: How was your 2020?

Bjørn: It was… Different. I’ve just recovered from a bout of stress, that I just barely managed to escape before it got really serious. It did, however, make me reconsider my life, and what was important to me. My family, my friends and my hobbies, for instance. Then covid-19 hit, homeschooling of the kids, and a closed kindergarten. Two parents working from home. But we managed, and came out as a better family. But new management and corona cutdowns, made my job dissappear in October, so I am currently reinventing myself. 😊
2020 have taught me to appreciate what’s important, and what isn’t. And have been a glorious creative journey.

Me: What are your hopes for 2021, both personally and for the rest of us (the world)?

Bjørn: I hope it brings peace of mind. A perspective on the important things. Personally, I hope to make a career in doing something I love and to enjoy life with my family. For the world, I long for understanding and prosperity. And for people to stop killing each other.

Me: They say you are weird, is that correct?

Bjørn: Haha! Who are they? 😂 But to answer your question, yes. Completely weird! Normal is boring. I thrive to find the strange and the abnormal, and combine them to form a new reality.

Me: Your best “selling and marketing your art” tips please (If you want to share/have any)?

Bjørn: The most important thing I’ve realized is, don’t try to sell everything you make. It will suck the joy out of creating, and leave you empty. Other than that, share your creative life. Both the ups and the downs. That way you can create a bond between you and your fans. You don’t need a million followers, just a group of die hard fans. I’m not there yet, because I’m still suffering hard from imposter syndrome! 😊

Me: Your top 5 favourite movies of all times?

Bjørn: A hard one! But in no particular order: The Goonies, Event Horizon, The Labyrinth, The Big Lebowski and The Matrix. A lot of “The” titles! 😉

Me: Where can we find you and your wonderful creations If we want to buy or view more of them?

Bjørn: You can find my stuff on Facebook, BCGH
And Instagram: bcgh666

Me: Thank you very much and I wish you the best 2021 and onwards!

Bjørn: Thank you, and you too. 😊

That was very interesting and to me “comforting” (in lack of a better descriptive word, probably due to a not perfected english I guess…) to read what this amazing artist had to tell. I learned a new word, “imposter syndrome”, and looking up what it meant I believe that a great deal of people struggle with those feelings. My guess is that it is especially common among artists. For several reasons, we (if I can generalize) tend to internalise a lot and it is a vulnerable position to show things you have created with your heart so to speak.

Below are a few examples of Bjørn´s fantastic creations. I just want to say, you are absolutely not an “impostor” Bjørn, you are a skilled artist.

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