Interview 3. Carmen Somogyi.

My next guest here is a very talented Hungarian artist. I got in contact with her on the same facebook group I found the earlier “interview subjects”. It is a group with an incredible amount of high quality artists. It is time perhaps that I give out the name of this group, the name of it is “Artists Helping Artists (exhange help & promote your art)”. I can absolutely recommend it. Now, I want you to meet someone wery special, here is Carmen:

Me: A warm, hearty “Hello!”. Please introduce yourself to my readers, Who are you and what kind of art/tecnique do you prefer/use? Where were you born and where do you now live? etc…

Carmen: Hi there!
My name is Carmen Somogyi.
I’m 27 years old and living in Hungary.
I have started to paint about 2 years ago , what has a really funny background story.
( I can tell more about that if you want to know)
I love to work with watercolor, acrylic, oil or simply just draw with pencil or charcoal.
And well, I am into digital art too.

Me. What are some of your biggest dreams and goals in life?

Carmen: Well, one of my biggest dream is as every artists’ to be known, to sell my painting and to see the happiness on people’s faces when they look at my paintings, arts.
After all , I am into to write a book about a journey what based on true life and experiences, about how to stand up in hard times, when you are all alone.
Other dream of mine is to be a known singer.
So many dreams ,so little time for all.
I have so many big plans!

Me: How was 2020 as an artist, for you personally?

Carmen: Well , 2020 was a difficult way. In so many ways.  Not just as an artist but as a human being, there were so many times what took away the peace of my soul, many things what I wanted to change but due to this pandemic, I couldn’t.
But it made me learn to appreciate those little moments with the family, friends what I couldn’t see, couldn’t enjoy because of the rush of work.
So as I look back in the past, not just 2017 made me stronger, but 2020 also did too.
And to be honest, I had to see, that now I have time to read in the garden, my favorite books, or painting outside.
What is truly important for the soul as an artist I think.

Me: When did you start painting, how old were you and when did you “go public” with it?

Carmen: I have started to paint at 2019.
I was 26. Was not a long time ago.
To be honest it all started with a funny story.
I have learned arts for 5 years in school,of course but have never painted.
I started to draw when I was 9 and always loved that.
At that very young age, I was a kind of closed person, so my world was all about arts and singing.
I clearly remember, I have started this all with comic book characters. After in autodictatic way, I started to draw portraits.
To paint as I have mentioned before, I started at 2019.
The funny background story is that before 2019, I didn’t draw anything for years. You know, there wasn’t any passion for that.
And that was a hard time of my life, after my surgery and I dig myself into self education much more.
So my best friend told me to go to a concert of a Hungarian band, called Magna Cum Laude. I didn’t really have the mood to go because I still was a closed person, but I was like, why not. And to be honest , I haven’t regret any moment of that. That concert,those songs gave me so much inspiration, like a huge kick, to realize what I truly have to do. After that I was just singing, days by days, weeks by weeks, and begin to design tattooes. 
I have made a big decision, to have some meaninful tattooes on myself too. After that, just all of sudden, me and my friend decided to go to another concert of Magna Cum Laude, by the end of the year. Then a crazy idea came into my mind. I have made portraits of the band members in pointillism technique just in 2 days.
I have slept only 6 hours in 2 days but I haven’t regret any moment of that. So me and my friend came to the concert what was a 2,5 hours long road and we finally arrived. Before 1 hour of the concert, I have got the guts and knocked on the guys door. They were so kind.
I have thanked them for the huge inspiration that they gave me and hand them the portraits what as I saw made them happy and surprised at the same time.
We made some pictures too.
That was a true and meaningful moment of my life. After that, I have uploaded these portraits to FB and some people wrote to me, that if I could make a painting or drawing for nameday present, or birthday. That was the time when I started to paint. I was afraid because I have never did that before.  Then I got suprised at the end.
That I made it. Well this is the story of mine of began to be a painter. To go public with it was around 2020 , but to sell, I started this year.

Me: Does your art have a message? Is that important to you?

Carmen: My paintings are mostly about my souls’ feelings and it has a message for sure.
A single clear message, for all the people, artists. To be proud of what they create, don’t be afraid of changes, to see there are so many opened doors in this world, dont be afraid to express themselves,because there are so many ways to show who you truly are in the deep of your heart.

Me: What are your philosophy when it comes to pricing your artworks?

Carmen: Pricing my artworks. Well, it depends on the size and what others ask. But as an upcoming artist I don’t used to ask much at all.
What matter to me,to see that the painting has meaning for the buyer and it touches me.

Me: Do you have any tips you can/want to share or recommend when it comes to selling and/or marketing your art?

Carmen: Well, as I have learned marketing,yes I have.
Just share share and share.
You will be seen if you are active.
And dont be disappointed if  its not by days or months. Hard work needs so much patient and it will take off.
Just believe in yourself, share your artwork, what you have created because it has a piece of you and that matters.
Share it on Instagram,stories,facebook, LinkedIn, blog, youtube videos.
Share it for other artists,support each other.
That is the way to be seen.
But the most important, to put all of your being into these artworks.
Because when someone buys it, they don’t just buy the art, but the artist too, the feelings, the soul, the human being.
And never ever feel that what you do is perfect.
All the artists are perfectionists, what makes us to learn and grow more and different ways.

Me: Do you read books and if so what was the latest book you read?

Carmen: I have around 400 books at my home. There are fantasy, romantic, novels, true story based, self education and growth, marketing books. The last one what I was reading is Gary Vaynerchuck’s book.

Me: Favourite TV-series and favourite movie(s)?

Carmen: Well,there are not much because I don’t really used to watch tv, but to be honest one of my favorite tv-series is on Netflix, Lucifer. I love mystery and investigation and fun, of course.
This tv serie has it all.

Me: What is your favourite kind of music and wich group/band do you love the most (right now)? You can choose more than one.

Carmen: Right now I used to listen to some kind of pop rock,  but many instrumental,like violin concerts,due to I play on violin too and piano. But It truly depends on my mood to be honest.

Me: Do you consider yourself religious, if so wich faith do you belong to? …and/or do you consider yourself to be “spiritual”? (Feel free to elaborate)

Carmen: Well I can say , I am spiritual person, I believe in good and bad. As I believe that what you always think of, you get it on yourself, even if its good or bad.
But sometimes out of my power, I can feel what will happen next day, even if its good or bad.

Me: Do you believe in the precence of UFO´s here on earth and if so why or if not/why not?

Carmen: Well, I believe that there are living creatures, not just humans. But in a way I am skeptical a bit,like I believe if I see it.

Me: Besides from creating art, what hobbies and/or interests do you have (if any)?

Carmen: Absolutely I have.
I love learning other languages. I am so into that.
I can speak English, Deutsch, and learning Spanish. Also I love to play video games or basketball volleyball, table tennis. Besides this, I love to sing, act, playing piano and violin.

Me: Are you a proffessional artist or is it at a “hobby” level?

Carmen: I consider myself between the two of that.
I don’t do it just as a hobby but as I said before I am perfectionist,so I dont think I am a professional.

Me: What would you ask yourself if you were the interviewer?

Carmen: Well, that is a great question. To be honest I dont really know. Maybe to ask about the way I have plan to be known. Haha, I don’t really know.

Me: Thank you for your time. If interested to buy or just view, where can I find you and your art?

Carmen: To buy or if you are interested in my paintings , you can find me on Instagram :

Or my Facebook page

You can contact me there any time,even through private messages. I also make arts for askings.
If someone wants portrait or anything else from photo, I can do that for sure.
And I have to thank to gave me the chance to express myself and show a bit of myself.
It is an honour! 🙏
God bless and as a message for the viewers, Just dont give up on your dreams. Be patient, hard work truly pays off. Trust me. 🙏❤️

Thank you so very much Carmen for your time and thank you also for making the world a more beautiful place with your amazing artworks. Below are a few examples of what Carmen is capable of…I highly recommend you to go to her instagram and check it out, there you find a lot more!

Also I want to take the opportunity to wish you a successful 2021 Carmen, good luck with your strivings! I know you´ll go far, with that talent, how could you not?

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