Interview 1. Alexis Cantu.

This is a special one because it is my very first interview (with anyone else than myself off course). I found Alexis in a facebook group that I´m a member of. One really great benefit from doing this is the things I can learn from other artists experiences…and now you can do that to by reading these interviews (or read just for fun off course, your choice). We can all learn so much from each other and that is one of my primary goals with this whole blogg/site/project or whatever you´d like to call it. Now here´s Alex:

Me: Hi there. Please introduce yourself to my readers, who are you and what kind of art/tecnique do you prefer/use?
Alexis: Hello! My name is Alexis, I am a Mexican watercolor artist. I love painting and I can do it with any medium (watercolor, acrylics, oil) but my favorite is watercolor because of its versatility.

Me: Do you think it is important to have a message, something to tell with your art? If so, what do you prefer, political or personal messages (external or internal we could call it)?
Alexis: I dont think is important to have a message in your mind when doing artwork. Painting, as any form or art is a way to express ourselves, so even if you don’t have a clear message when creating something, subconsciously you do. We are affected by things that happen on our lives and we transmit that to our artwork, even if you don’t seem to have a clear motive for painting something, there is one, and people that see your artwork and are going trough something similar, they can feel it too.

Me: How was 2020 as an artist, for you personally?
Alexis: For me personally was difficult, because I do a lot of workshops and this year that was hard because of the restrictions. On the bright side this forced me to go online, and now I feel I did a big jump that maybe I wouldnt have taken if the pandemic wasn’t in place.

Me: Have you ever showed your art in a physical art exhibition and do you think that’s important?
Alexis: Yes, I have exhibited in a couple of small places. But to be honest that didn’t do anything for me. Not all exposure is good exposure, and in my particular place, when I went to pick up my art, the frames where broken. Is good to do exhibits but is important to choose in which ones you are participating, and when to politely say no.

Me: What are your philosophy when it come to pricing your artworks?
Alexis: I usually price by hour or size, because with the size I can aproximately know how much time I will be taking to complete a piece.

Me: Do you have any tips you can/want to share or recommend when it come to selling and/or marketing your art?
Alexis: The most important thing and is the one that almost everyone fails at. Take GOOD photos of your art, stage them, with plenty of light, people buy what they desire and bad photos wont make anyone desire your work. Also, dont go cheap, price fairly, maybe some people wont buy your work at the beginning, but is important not to make yourself a reputation of being cheap. If you have comissions is ok to say no to bad photos, at the end that person will show your work to more people, and your name will be there, so only take projects that you know you can make an amazing job with.

Me: Do you read (books) and If so what was the latest book you read?
Alexis: The last book I read was World war Z

Me: Favourite Tv-series and favourite movie(s)?
Alexis: Favorite movie Kill Bill and favorite TV show I really like Avatar the last airbender or Russian Doll.

Me: Do you consider yourself religious, If so wich faith do you betong to?
Alexis: I am not religious.

Me: Anything you want to add? Write a few lines about anything If you like (you can skip this one if you like)
Alexis: Sometimes when you turn your passion into business you can fall into creative block, so what I like to do when this happens, is go back to the basics and paint something easy and simple, something that you know you can do it, this helps beating the creative block.

Me: Thank you for your time. If interested, where can I find you and your art?
Alexis: You can always find me on Instagram

Below you can view some of Alexis amazing pieces of watercolour art, these are portraits, but I can tell that she has got more than so in her repertoire…a lot more. Just check out her instagram account and see for yourself…you´ll be stunned by her skills!


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