A warm and hearty Welcome!

How fun that you found this site. This is my (…and who I am you can find something about by following the link to my main blog) attempt to get a new thing going so to speak. If I don´t express myself 100% correct it is due to my first language is not english….it is Swedish. But I think I´ll be doing just fine.

The purpouse of this site (besides amusing and entertaining myself) is to be an inspiration for anyone who practice or just appreciate the fine arts, may it be art dealers looking for new prospects or artists looking for inspiration or maybe an artist who has not yet taken the step out “in public” with his/her creations. And off course it will help you as an artist to get your art shown and promoted by just being interviewed (who can say no to that?). All publicity is good publicity!

I will search for my “interview victims” (to begin with at least) mainly probably by finding them myself on social medias. Maybe you one day will get interviewed by me or maybe you´ll just come here to get inspired by other amazing artists. Anyhow, you are welcome!

I almost see this blogg as a “living/evolving” piece of art in and of itself, a piece of art that we, (I and all of you who choose to be a part of it) has created and continues to create together as more and more amazing artists presents themselves here. I also think that it is a good example of a positive thing with internet, what it was “meant” for (or, one of the things)…it makes the world “smaller”. It connects people. It is furthermore an example how a “small, unimportant nobody” in little Sweden can sit in his home and produce a digital “art fanzine” and get an international spread/audience. I think that is amazing. Isn´t it?

I hope you´ll come back and visit soon!

A caricatyre on me made by @gastonbounarottiart who’s real name is Mike Borromeo. Please read my interview with him. It’s number 12.

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